Monday, July 20, 2009

Lavender, Again?!?!

Lavender is broody again.........
I was away for 4 days and three nights (thought/worried about my babies the whole time!) and when I came home I found Lavender in the nest box cuddling three golf balls with all the broody strength in her tiny body.
Silly girl!
After hatching out her silkie chicks, you would think she would take a break, relax, live a little.
I guess somechicks are just made to be mommies.
She layed exactly 17 eggs in the last 4 weeks.
And now she is going to hatch them, come hell or high water! ..............even though they are in my refrigerator.
Poor girl.
It is a lot nicer for Pixie now. She doesn't get chased and beaten up anymore.
And it is much, much quieter in the Ladies' lair!


  1. ugh.. I had a hen trying to go broody too this week. A D'uccle and her first time. Unfortunately for her, she is being shown at a fair this week.. so THAT will take care of THAT!

  2. Is that the one you gave a bath too? That was so cute!