Monday, June 22, 2009

Sad/Happy Day

Ginger went to his new home today.
I'm kind of sad, but I think he will be really, really happy with his new family.
They seem like great people, that really care about their animals.
And they have the hobby farm that I've always wanted!
They have chickens and goats, a garden, very nice.
Lucky Ginger.
Tomorrow morning I'm meeting someone else that wants Pepper and Dixie.
It's always a little nerve racking to meet someone that you don't know, but you are giving them a little animal you have worried over and cared for.
Fingers crossed they will have a great new life too!
I had 17 people respond to my craigslist post! In 8 hours!
I know I picked the right people for Ginger, but I just hope I picked the right people for Pepper and Dixie.
I will miss them, but I couldn't keep them, because they started crowing ALL the TIME.
Poor babies.

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  1. Oh my! The 3 of them turned out to be male? That really sucks. That is one reason why I don't want to do eggs...I don't think my 4 yr old could handle having to give a bunch away if they turned out to be roosters. I had to do it once and that was hard enough. You will make the right choice for all your little ones. Sorry to hear about it and good luck to everyone in their new homes.