Thursday, June 4, 2009

Choking Chicken!

Honey just choked!
The ladies were out in the run and I brought them some nice fresh weeds to pick through. I never let them have long pieces of grass, because I worry they will choke (!!!) and get impacted crops.
These were fresh dandelions, tiny sprouts about 5 inches long.
Honey gobbled up a sprout and it got stuck in her throat somehow, so half of it was dangling out of her beak.
No big deal. This happens all the time. Usually she scratches at it with her claws or shakes her head and it falls off.
Not this time!
She started walking around with her beak open and her comb turned dark purple.
If you've ever seen this you know what I mean.
Scary dark pansy purple!
I grabbed the weed, yanked it out and patted her on the back.
She closed her beak and her comb faded back to its normal fire engine red.
Whew! Scary!

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