Monday, March 23, 2009

Scritch Scratch

These pics were taken on Sunday.
Lavender is teaching the chicks to scratch for food.

I like this pic it looks like they are all lined up taking turns.
"Ok, now your turn." "Good effort. Remember bend with your knees"

"Now, here you want to use the two/one scratch.
Two scratches with the left foot. One with the right. Repeat."

The little white one (on the right) is so much smaller than her sisters.
I hope she catches up to them.
It almost seems as if she needed a
little more time to cook, she hatched too soon,
because she's always the
first to cuddle underneath Lavender.
I helped her to hatch.

Aren't their little toes cute!


  1. those are the sweetest pictures! Lavender seems like a great mom too! Do you have any idea what breeds the babies are?

  2. Thanks! Lavender is a sweetie - the chicks are all silkies :)