Saturday, March 28, 2009

Raisin Race

I gave Lavender a raisin today, thinking she would gobble it down like she always does, but like a good mother she shared it with her chicks.
Unfortunately, they haven't learned about sharing yet. They chased each other around for about 20 mins. until one of the buff colored chicks ate the raisin.
It was hilarious! Like chick football.

They were tired after all that running around.

I'm thinking of naming the tiny yellow chick - Pixie.


  1. I love chick football! It's one of our favorite things in the world to watch. I've never heard anyone besides us call it that, though. We can watch for as long as the babies can run.

  2. I love chick football. I've never heard anyone but my family call it that. We can sit and watch for hours. It is truly some of the best entertainment in the world - that and chicken TV, sitting in the hen house while they fuss about who gets what spot on the roost...