Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Woodchipper Soap

Today I'm showing off one of my favorite soaps: Woodchipper!

It's made with beer from the Fargo Brewing Company.  They have a beer called Woodchipper.  
When I was designing this soap I though about the movie Fargo, woodchippers and the delicious scent of the Woodchipper beer.
It smells like pine and grapefruit!

So I made soap "woodchips" from a soap that included rhubarb root.  The rhubarb root lends a slightly pinky red color where it touches the white layer.  Anyone seen the movie Fargo??  Yeah, that's what I was going for ;)

I used black spruce essential oil and grapefruit essential oil to scent this soap. 
Wow!  It smells SO good!  Yum, yum!

The combination of the sugars in the beer and the olive oil in my vegan recipe creates HUGE bubbles in the shower or bath.

I love this soap!

You can find Woodchipper in our Etsy store here: Woodchipper Soap

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  1. What a stunning soap. Fun name for a soap too. That is a great sounding essential oil blend too. I’ve never heard of rhubarb root for color. It makes a lovely contrast.