Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is a dog (or cat) treat recipe.  Although you could eat it - I guess.

Ice cube tray or silicon candy tray
canned salmon
yogurt (I used Greek style)
anything your dog likes to eat - I've used frozen vegetables and kibble.

Press salmon into the bottom of each compartment.  Layer yogurt on top and freeze until solid.  Remove from tray and put in a zip-loc bag.  Keep frozen.

When I want to keep Tibby busy I give her one of these.  They don't last as long as a frozen Kong, but they are pre-made, so I don't have to remember to stuff and freeze her Kong. 
Tibby likes them!


  1. Love it!

    My ice cube tray makes cubes the right size to fit snugly in a medium Kong, although it takes a bit of pushing to get it in there. It's nice because it's premade, and it takes a bit longer for her to get it out of the Kong than if she just got it alone.

    I'll have to try yogurt. I've never given my dog that, and I think she'd like it. :)

  2. Oooh....yum. My Sibes love yogurt too! Please link to my next "Canine Cooking Corner" on Tuesday! We love to share recipes! Happy Friday!

  3. that looks soopew yummielicious as do all youw wecipes..Nice to meet you!thank you fow visiting me
    smoochie kisses