Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to the Family - Tibby!

Last Monday I added a puppy to my animal family.
This is Tibbet the Tibetan Terrier. I call her Tibby.
She is the sweetest dog I have ever met.
She loves to play, but is also calm and laid back.
Nothing phases her - we've jumped off docks, swung in a swing, slid down slides, walked near whistling trains, had cars honk at us, ect.
In a week she has learned how to - sit (100% on this command), lie down and fetch.
However, we are still working on potty training.
I'm keeping a log of when she's gone and when she should be ready to go again, so I don't have to guess when/if she's about to pee on the carpet.
She is doing much, much better.
After all, it's only been a week.
And she is a baby.
She will be 4 months old on the 28th. She weighs 12 pounds right now. Last Monday she weighed 11 pounds.
If she keeps gaining a pound every week..........she will be a big dog!
I have to say, in a week we have come a long way. This is the post I wrote last Wed. Notice the hint of desperation.
I have never had a puppy before. I've always adopted older dogs.
Puppies are exhausting.
I'm really tired.
I have spent hours and hours outside with her, only to come inside and have her poop on the floor!
She hates going in her crate for bedtime. It's the only time she barks, but she barks and barks and barks when she is in her crate.If I go into a different room where she can't see me (I have pet gates between the kitchen and living room and the kitchen and hallway/bedrooms) she whines and yips.The good things: She is very, very sweet. She wraps her paws around my arm when I pick her up. She learned how to sit, walk on a leash and climb stairs in 2 days. She doesn't pull on the leash. She isn't scared of anything. I took her swimming yesterday and she jumped off of the dock into the water all by herself.I'm happy that she loves me - I just wish she didn't love me quite so much!Unfortunately, I can't take her everywhere with me!I just keep telling myself - she's missing all her siblings and this is only day 3 of a 20 year relationship.
Well, things are much better now. If things keep getting better and better every will be perfect!


  1. Tibby is a great name and such a cute puppy!! How big is she supposed to get at full size? I read your post in my Google Reader, and thought, hey, what a coincidence, I just wrote about a new dog myself! Well, it's not my dog, but a dog that my sister adopted. If you'd like to see it, here's the link:

  2. TIBBY! Welcome. You will love your new home.