Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

I went over to my Mom's house on Saturday.
She had invited Alexa over for a baking lesson.
Alexa is my gardening, cooking, craft making buddy
AND best friend!

First, the important tying on of the apron.

My Mom is such a good teacher. Very, very patient and hands off. She lets you figure things out for yourself. I think that's the best way to learn how to cook.

Mom and Alexa measuring out the squash.
Notice: No canned squash/pumpkin here!
This is all home grown.

Alexa adding the squash.

Alexa separating the eggs.
My Mom gave her 3 eggs explained how to separate them and then went to the other side of the kitchen to whip up a different kind of bars.

I have to tell you about Alexa making me scrambled eggs.
It's our funny story.
Granted this happened when she was much younger (like 8).
She told me she was really good at scrambled eggs.
So, she made them and we started to eat them.
Finally, Alexa turns to me, "I think there is something wrong with your chickens. 'Cause these eggs are crunchy."
The chicken's eggs were fine, including the shells that she had dropped into them.
hee hee!

II was the official taste tester.
They tasted delicious!

Best friends forever!

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