Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Eggs Are Here

The eggs arrived yesterday!
They were well wrapped in lots of bubble wrap.

The temps dropped yesterday and we had a huge snowstorm with 8+ inches of snow.
The eggs are from Utah.
What a long, cold trip for 6 tiny babies!
So far, the eggs look good!
None were cracked or frozen.
I let them sit on my counter at room temp. for 12 hours.
The experts recommend 12-24 hours, but I couldn't wait any longer!
Letting them set at room temp. helps the air cell (in the egg) settle. The eggs are all shaken up from their trip. I just hope they're not scrambled.

Lavender sitting on her 6 new silkie eggs!
I moved her inside.
The broody hen pen in the garage was too cold for her.

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